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ASEAN ME Testbank Meeting Minutes

On September 4th, 2020 (16:00-17:45) ASEAN ME Testbank Meeting Minutes was held in Indonesia via ZOOM.

Points of discussion: - ITB and UGM are in the process of mapping their Comprehension Test Items to match with the engineering learning outcomes prepared by OECD AHELO, which is taking time since they were developed independently. - ITB and UGM use their annual ME comprehension test to measure student's understanding of the course topics not overall competencies. Competencies are assessed within their courses. - Based on the above mapping a presentation (3-5 min) is planned for October 3 meeting by UGM and ITB.  - Discussions continue on planning future joint activities


ITB: Dr. Winny, Dr. Nathanael, Dr. Indria UGM: Dr. Kusmono Tuning ME test committee: Dr. Farid



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